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Financing your investment needs is often challenging. Leasing opens up new business opportunities to you, whilst allowing you to invest your own capital and credit lines where they are needed most.


Through leasing you can obtain the use of assets to support your business for the period in which you need them. At the end of the agreed period, you either become the owner, have the right to purchase or can return the asset to the lessor, depending on the chosen leasing form.


Cars, transport equipment, production equipment, office technology or medical appliances, they are all forms of assets suitable for leasing. You select the asset and the supplier. We ensure that the supplier get paid, through purchasing the asset directly from him based on your instructions.


There are three main types of leasing products. In a Finance Lease, you have the full economic benefit of the asset and the right to purchase it at a symbolic price at the end of the contract. In a Hire Purchase, you automatically become the full legal owner of the asset once all instalments on the lease have been paid. And in an operating lease you can return the asset to the leasing company at contract maturity upon which the leasing company will sell it in the market. The monthly lease instalments exclude the pre-agreed “residual value” of the asset at maturity, resulting in lower monthly instalments for you.


Leasing is a straightforward way to finance your assets, with clear monthly cash flows and without complex guarantees.